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Welcome to the embracing of a New Earth Economy Nation, a powerful private members association designed to bring all members into an immersive New Earth experience. It is within this vibrant community that we embrace the embodiment of "I am Autonomy," realizing our true autonomy and empowerment as conscious beings.

As members, we are focusing on our future following inner light as beacons of guidance towards NEW LIFE. No matter the challenges of different visions for what we want the future to be, together it is possible.

  • Be the walk, not the talk kind of shift towards a new, more prosperous future, full of autonomy, interconnected being-ness and authentic love, together.  We are the "it takes a village."

  • Be a supporter & Investor of projects within our Private Members Association to assist in all members New Earth Creations.

  • Embrace the embodiment of "I am Autonomy," realizing your true autonomy and empowerment as conscious beings.

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"The true strength of N.E.E. Nations, PMA is best illustrated by the heartfelt deeds of its members, as we collectively strive to create a new and empowering future for ourselves and future generations. We are the beacon of light, a lighthouse, shaping the future, one member at a time." 

Have you ever had a sense of belonging to something greater? Do you wonder if your purpose here is to contribute to the creation of a New Earth? 

What is N.E.E.N?

New Earth Economy Nations, PMA is an extraordinary transformative movement that is poised to revolutionize the world as we know it. Our overarching mission is to create a thriving, sustainable, and harmonious society that wholeheartedly embraces the principles of unity, abundance, and interconnectedness. At the very heart of our vision lies the groundbreaking concept of a New Earth Economy, an innovative and progressive approach to economic systems that seeks to transcend the limitations of the conventional world. By doing so, we aim to pave the way for a more equitable, regenerative, and prosperous future for all. We firmly believe that by adopting a holistic and conscious mindset, we can together co-create a world that genuinely respects and reveres the planet, its precious resources, and all living beings.

The profound impact of the New Earth Economy Nations, PMA extends far beyond geographic borders. Borders and Limitation do not exist in our new created reality. Through our unwavering commitment to collaboration, cooperation, and solidarity, we strive to cultivate a global community of CLEAR-minded individuals who are passionately dedicated to catalyzing positive change in their own lives and the world at large.

By fostering meaningful connections and sharing wisdom, we aspire to collectively shift the consciousness, starting with ourselves, inspiring others to align their actions with their deeply held, newly created values. In our relentless pursuit of sustainability as the "I AM AUTONOMY", we recognize that true transformation necessitates addressing systemic concerns and empowering marginalized communities. Thus, within the New Earth Economy Nations, PMA, we actively work towards realizing social justice, promoting equality, and restoring indigenous wisdom, recognizing their intrinsic value and vital contributions to the fabric of our N.E.EN community. 

At the very core of our mission, we understand the importance of education, empowerment, and the dissemination of knowledge. As a result, we proudly, collectively create and offer a comprehensive range of resources, transformative programs, and engaging events that are designed to inspire and empower individuals from all walks of life to take bold and purposeful action. From thought-provoking workshops and enlightening webinars to enriching mentorship programs and impactful community initiatives, we provide the necessary tools and unwavering support to guide individuals through the remarkable transition towards a fully actualized AUTONOMY embodiment. All our members create, ensuring a whole new earth experience for our new Nation.

We cordially invite you to be an essential part of this extraordinary co-creative journey! Join us as we gather together passionate and visionary individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, forging unbreakable bonds of kinship and camaraderie. Together, let us construct bridges of understanding, amplify voices of change, and effect profound transformations that will positively impact the world for generations to come.

It is all in the readiness and willingness for new life and autonomy. Are you ready to embark on this remarkable adventure and become an integral member of the New Earth Economy Nations, PMA?

Together, we possess the capacity to turn the awe-inspiring vision of a harmonious, prosperous, and sustainable society into a living, breathing reality. Join us on this extraordinary path of co-creation and together let us usher in a new era of unlimited possibilities for all.

Our Membership fee is a whole different kind of world.

N.E.E. Nations, PMA represents a remarkable expansion of interconnectedness, akin to a toroidal structure within itself. Our primary goal is to empower our members to embrace prosperity and unlock their innate autonomy. To achieve this, we have implemented a novel approach to energy acquisition, a significant departure from traditional methods of creating prosperity. Through a Base 12 mathematical system, affectionately known as "Pure Base Sacred Economics," a toroidal field of swirling energies. Each member distributes their membership fee to one another creating creating a whole new experience of what it feels like to be prosperity. This harmonious distribution radiates a luminous energy, resembling the birth of a vibrant universe, in which we identify it as PROSPERITY.

Our utmost aspiration is to eradicate engrained patterns of poverty and scarcity experienced by each of our members collected from the old world systems and structures. By eliminating these limiting programming, each member embarks on a transformative journey towards personal autonomy.

Every breakthrough in autonomy sends forth ripples, paving the way for a new world characterized by harmony and equilibrium. We embody a flourishing vortex of prosperity, enabling us to actively shape an entirely new Earth experience.

It is with boundless enthusiasm and dedication that we strive to manifest this vision of abundance and unity.

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The heartfelt participants of the N.E.E. Nations family embark on a profound journey of transformation—one that involves bidding farewell to the old world and their former selves, all in the pursuit of creating a new future that can be shared by all.

With wings unfurled, we soar towards the horizon, embracing endless possibilities and the freedom to chart our own destiny. Together, we take flight towards a brighter tomorrow, where the collective vision of love, prosperity, and unity become our reality.

Three Words...Power, Change, and Freedom. They have an important role!

Creating a lasting impact on the lives of children will reverberate for generations to come, creating a legacy of positive change and a world that future generations will be proud to inherit.

"New Earth Economy Nations, PMA is the gathering of the people who care, creating a strong woven fabric.

"Holding it all together" 

The children, as the future focus, are the ones who will be moving this world forward. They are holding it all together." 

-Jennifer McClure

Tell Me More About Your WHY

CONVERGENT CHANGE! A practice what we preach kind of alignment.

We are a new nation of multiple factors or elements undergoing a simultaneous or coordinated transformation, leading to a common outcome and/or direction, creating a WHOLE NEW EARTH frequency and experience.

Embodying the change we aspire to see is fundamental to the principle of "practicing what we preach." To truly live in alignment with our beliefs, thoughts, words, and deeds must harmoniously converge within our being. Many of us are here with a shared purpose, to co-create a transformative new Earth experience. We find ourselves at a pivotal juncture, standing on the threshold of our next evolutionary growth. Having reached the summit within the confines of our old world system and structure, we are now poised to embark on a new ascent on the other side. Both worlds possess beauty and purpose, offering contrasting experiences to humanity at large. N.E.E. Nations, PMA represents a unique and pioneering new nation that introduces a distinct reality into our present moment. As we shift our mindset and embrace change, we simultaneously shift our reality and reshape our experiences.

We Are New Paradigm Shifters! --> Families of the Future. Be the voice of Love.

The Families of the future in our N.E.E. Nations, PMA hold a profound role as catalysts for a new love frequency and transformation, embodying the principles of being a new paradigm shifters. We deeply understand the sacred responsibility of parenting and strive to cultivate an environment where children flourish under the unwavering pillars of unconditional love, respect, and support given by the entire Nation. Our approach to relationships within families prioritizes equality and a whole new earth experience.

Our Story

 New Earth Economy was birthed beginning our quest that led us to delve into the enigmatic realms of Autonomy along with a Toroidal design to experience prosperity for all our family members. Finally, in March 2023, we unveiled our revolutionary system that encompasses a New Earth Economy, Autonomy, Authentic Connections, Families of the Future and Unconditional Love Embodiment. Its simplicity is matched only by its effectiveness, as it operates on a repetitive foundation created by the currency-sea of love exuded by all our members within our Nation. Our relentless efforts have yielded a solution that holds immense potential for transforming lives and ushering in a new era of prosperity for our NEW EARTH experience and Nation. We are the walk it, not talk it kind of community. We, collectively pave the way as NEW EARTH EXPERIENCERS, shifting from the experiences of old to a more sacred and interconnected world. We are the opportunity to create our heaven on earth experience for our soul's evolution beyond the poverty, duality mindset and fractalized systems. As we unite, together, we create New Nation as if we take form as the cells in the body of a New Earth. We are not a corporation, nor a non-profit or religious organization. We are N.E.E. Nations, a private members association full of sovereignty intentions, exercising our autonomy and independence. We govern oneself, make decisions freely, and be responsible for one's own choices and actions. We are a society that grew up! We prioritize personal freedom, self-determination, and the ability to live according to our own values and beliefs. We lead by example of a break free from external control or influence. We are individual agency. Therefore, we choose to gather and create this global Nation that will forever be powered BY HUMANKIND, CLEAR MIND, and REMEMBERANCE of our own divinity within, the truest Current-sea on this planet. 


A Guiding Light for generations to come. We are a LIGHTHOUSE!

Just like a lighthouse stands tall and steady, providing a constant and unwavering light amidst the vast ocean, the New Earth Economy Nations, PMA acts as a guiding force for individuals and communities. It offers a clear path towards a prosperous and harmonious future for not only the present generation but also for future generations to come.

The New Earth Economy, akin to a lighthouse, serves as a symbol of hope and direction. It helps to navigate the complexities of economic systems, fostering authentic connections and nurturing a sacred economy that operates on love, abundance, and unity. It creates a whole new world as as we experience a whole new way. It safeguards the values of autonomy, choice, and personal freedom, ensuring that individuals and families can thrive and fulfill their highest potential.

Moreover, just as a lighthouse offers protection to ships at sea, the N.E.E. Nation aims to create a nurturing and supportive environment for children and families. It provides a solid foundation, shielding them from the storms of uncertainty, inequality, and scarcity that may arise in traditional economic systems. It also offers a new experience to assist in the shifting of how we experience our realities. By prioritizing love, connection, and the wellbeing of all members, our Nation becomes a resilient and uplifting force that generations can rely on.  It takes a village after all. 

Together, each member takes on an important role as a guiding light, offering guidance and protection for all who dwell in our lighthouse. This goes for our entire new nations, all private members which are full of families, and children, ensuring a future filled with harmony, prosperity, and meaningful connections. We return home to the self. 

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Everything we do is for our community. We are the walking message of change. In our store you will find T-shirts, cellphone covers, hoodies and outdoor drawstring bags. GET INSPIRED!

N.E.E. messengers are everywhere. 

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In our private members association, we embrace a belief system that transcends borders and limitations. We recognize that we are all Earth residents, and our collective home is the Earth itself. This understanding forms the foundation of our inclusive approach, fostering unity, interconnectedness, and shared responsibility for the well-being of our planet. By embracing the idea that our actions have consequences that extend beyond individual boundaries, we cultivate a sense of belonging to a global community. We understand that our choices and behaviors affect not only ourselves but also the Earth and its inhabitants as a whole. With this awareness, we commit ourselves to a harmonious and respectful relationship with nature and each other. We become stewards of the Earth, recognizing the need to protect and nurture our planet for the benefit of present and future generations. Through our private members association, we strive to create a space that fosters harmony, respect, and unity. We embrace the understanding that the Earth is our home, and by working together, without borders or limitations, we can make a positive and lasting impact on the well-being and sustainability of our precious planet.


The information on this site is intended for members of association or those that are going to become members and subject to the bylaws of our association. We hold the capacity to make our own decisions about our actions without the involvement of another system or operator. We assemble in peace and are outside the jurisdiction of all state, federal, law enforcement, and or any 3 letter agencies. We harmonize and are grateful for all existing realities and are in full innerstanding that according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), we are protected: Click Here

Join us on this extraordinary path of co-creation and together let us usher in a new era of unlimited possibilities for all.

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Voices Ending Voids

We embrace the liberation of silenced voices, fostering an environment where people can openly express themselves and share their personal stories. These testimonials serve as reminders that every individual plays a vital role in shaping the collective narrative of our world. From personal triumphs to societal challenges, these stories shed light on the shared experiences of humanity and inspire others to embrace their own unique voices.

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